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We mentor entrepreneurs and artists from throughout the UK and we support them to establish their businesses:

  • increase sales and bookings,
  • clarify the brand presence, to encourage longivity in business,
  • find suitable strategies; We help you to implement them step-by-step.

Gabrielle Monaen is the founder business mentor of Monaen.com. Gabrielle supervises all the mentoring activity, and personally writes the mentoring reports for all businesses that receive mentoring through Monaen.com. Gabrielle also mentors companies that received governmental funding, participates as a speaker in business events and delivers business training in London in collaboration with local organisations.

Your benefits:

  • Mentor: your dedicated mentor, and weekly or fortnightly mentoring sessions.
  • Report: a clear mentoring report with guidance and options to consider, sent to you by Gabrielle after each session. You can always contact Gabrielle for further clarifications, in addition to your personal mentor.
  • Website: your business website is designed by Gabrielle, using Wix.com or WordPress.com or ProPhoto.com.

How does it work:

  1. We receive your details about your business when you register using the form displayed below. Analysis is done based on this and a mentor is assigned to you by Gabrielle – all mentors are equally trained, and your mentor is chosen based on availability and must not work with another business too similar to yours at the time of mentoring yours; the mentor cannot be chosen upfront as they need to satisfy certain confidentiality requirements.
  2. Together with your mentor you set a time for the first session; in the first session you discuss your business in more detail. The mentor makes notes during the session. Together, you also agree on a few steps you will take further, and you book the next session.
  3. After the session, your mentor and Gabrielle do research for you based on the notes taken during the session, to identify options and solutions and strategies that further your business. Within a couple of days you receive the report. This gives you more things to think of about how you do business and what you could do next. Use this intelligence to advance your business.
  4. In the next session you present your progress with the tasks you agreed to undertake in the previous session, and discuss the next steps; the aim is always to increase sales, and to establish a brand that customers love.
  5. And you can have as many mentoring sessions your business needs, twice a week or weekly or fortnightly. It is important to always do the steps you agree with your mentor in the session that you will next do, as this is what forwards the business. The mentor is there to guide you.

Rates start from £400 + VAT per month for on-going mentoring, and from £250 + VAT per one-off session.
The 3rd party supplier costs involving website design are not included, and these are listed on the 3rd party websites; we do not charge extra for producing your website design using the tools provided by the supplier you choose to work with.

The full terms are available at: http://www.monaen.com/terms.

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