It is about products. Create yours.

What are you wearing? And what did you have for dinner? Products. Everywhere – products. Your phone, broccoli, make-up, book, TV subscription. All are products.

Where do you meet your friends? Going out for coffee? Family trip? Hotel, leisure park, gym, coffee places – all are stores. Stores everywhere.

The economy is designed as a balance between producers and consumers. You cannot be a customer only and expect to live well. It is not made to work that way. You, too, must create.

So, what do you build? What can I buy from you?

Through your creations, products, you contribute to the lives of your customers. What can you give me that I need, to fulfill my own goals and vision of life?

How to get started with creating your own products? Build on your steadiest foundation: you. Look at the skills you have, and sharpen them.

Pursue your interests. And when presented with choice, act on your preferences. Then you know what products to build.

Together we look at the things you like doing, and at the options you have available now. And we look at the market. And we build the business.

Build your products. And have the confidence to market them.

There is no other way in business.

If you already spent years trying to get business going, give mentoring a chance.

Let me mentor you for a few months to see just how much you can achieve.

For self-study take a look at my book, Business Mindset.