Business Mentor

Business Transformation services are highly valued. Deloitte and Accenture are two of the best consulting firms that offer these services at a high standard. Monaen works with start-ups to offer these services at a price start-ups can afford.

A mentor is an experienced person you work with for as long as you need support. You work with your mentor to keep an eye on cashflow, to write a business plan, to work on your marketing strategy. The mentor is there to motivate you, to introduce you to people, to bring solutions and to discuss options with you.

And if you are a professional who is now looking to start a business, a mentor can help you identify a good business idea. When you work with a mentor, the support you receive makes you enthusiastic and gives you a sense of  realistic direction.

You meet your mentor face-to-face, and in between meetings you can contact your mentor for additional support as needed. You can also meet over Skype. You can contact your mentor as often as you need to. And you meet every two weeks, or arrange to meet as it suits you.

There are no lengthy contracts, and there is no notice to give.

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