Monaen Ltd offers business mentoring to startups, SMEs and large organisations. Business training for those who are new to businesses is also available, and this training is based on insights gained from mentoring.

Gabrielle Monaen is the managing director at Monaen Ltd, and she mentors businesses that receive govermental funding through the delivery partners BizBritain and ENCampaigns.

The mentor builds a case study for your business, and researches your market and strategies for growth, to provide you with the best guidance that suits your unique business. This information is made available to you.

Throughout the mentoring relationship, the mentor continually looks for information, connections, and strategies to provide you with options that help you to succeed in business.

Furthermore, the mentor taps into experience gained from working with many other businesses, to provide you with grounded advice, and is powerful ally in your business journey.

Packages include both mentoring and coaching sessions. In mentoring sessions you take practical steps to grow the business. In coaching sessions you invest in your skills to support the business.

My approach to business is project-based and campaign-oriented. Product design and marketing are central to it. And I look closely at cashflow and at customers’ feedback.

I trained in executive coaching at the University of Cambridge, and I currently research IT innovation in business process management.

Today I mentor companies from all sectors on marketing and business strategy.

I enjoy the one-to-one relationships I develop with my mentees, and being part of their journeys towards their own ambitions. Mentoring is not a ‘drop-in session'; it consists of weekly sessions over periods of several months in which we direct and monitor the growth of the business on all levels. I like seeing talent materializing its potential, and this keeps me inspired and motivated every day.

— Gabrielle Monaen