Business mentoring for startups, SMEs and large organisations.

About Monaen

Gabrielle Monaen is the managing director at Monaen Ltd, and she mentors businesses that receive Startup Loans from the UK Government through two of this program’s delivery partners, BizBritain and ENCampaigns. Read more.

Business Mentoring
The mentor builds a case study around your business, and researches your market and strategies for growth, to provide you with the best guidance that suits your unique business. This information is made available to you. Throughout the mentoring relationship, the mentor continually looks for information, connections, and strategies to provide competitive options that help you to succeed in business. Furthermore, the mentor taps into experience from working with many other businesses, to provide you with grounded advice. Read more.

Business Training
Management, Marketing and Networking – for people who are new to business. Learn skills to manage a business project, to market it, and to network for building partnerships. This training course is designed based on insights gained from mentoring, from having seen first-hand what common mistakes people new to business do, and to provide a foundation that takes new business people further in their business pursuits. Read more.

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